4 Father's Day Activities to Do With Elderly Dads

4 Father's Day Activities to Do With Elderly Dads

With their independence and strength fading away, many elderly fathers and grandfathers feel lost and possibly out of place. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honor and celebrate them, but many people struggle with how to celebrate this special day. Whether you dad is living at home or in an assisted living facility, here are a few fun ideas for Father’s Day activities as well as some tips on how to prepare for your activities.

Spend the Day at the Park

If the weather is going to be nice, plan to spend the day at the park. You can make a day of it by packing a picnic lunch, going for a nature walk and playing a game or two. Remember to choose a location that is easy to walk to, has a nearby restroom and shaded areas. To make the day even better, bring the whole family along. If your dad is unable to leave his residence, you can still have a picnic lunch in the backyard or even near an open window.

Go to a Ball Game

Father’s day is in June, which is also a perfect time to catch a local ball game. If you are going to a professional ball game, make sure you order the tickets early and try to arrange something special, such as a message on the score board or a picture of him with the mascot. If there aren’t any major leagues playing near you simply search for little league games near you. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat to help prevent sunburn.

Have a Movie Marathon

If your dad is unable to get out, consider having a movie marathon. Ask him what his favorite movies were when he was younger or who his favorite vintage film stars are, then rent a few of his favorite movies or movies that have his favorite film star in them. Don’t forget the snacks and try to get the whole family involved.

Make a Memory Book

If you dad is unable to get out, one of the best ways to spend Father’s Day is to bring the memories to him. Get in touch when people whose life your dad has touched and ask them to send you an email or a letter, along with a photograph or two. Don’t forget to write your own letter and gather a few photographs as well. Plan to spend Father’s Day with your dad creating a memory book together. Remember to ask him questions about his relationship with each person that responded. After Father’s Day is over, your dad will not only have the memory of spending the day with you doing a special activity, but a memory book that he can reflect on.

Spending quality time with your father gives you both an opportunity to simply enjoy each other’s company.  Whatever activity you choose to do, it will be a day worth remembering because the most important thing about Father’s Day is spending quality time with the favorite man in your life.


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