5 Myths of Home Care for the Elderly

5 Myths of Home Care for the Elderly

If you’re looking for someone who can help your loved one to maintain their independence, live a fgood life, and give you the peace of mind that your cherished one is taken care of, 1st Meridian Care Services is available to help! 

Homecare has been available for over twenty years, homecare is still very often misunderstood. To clarify any confusion about how homecare can help you or an aging loved one, here is the truth about the five most common myths about homecare:

  1. Professional caregivers don’t really “care”: Home health workers are trained to connect and participate with their elderly care recipients.
  2. Homecare won’t work for someone who desires 24/7 assistance: homecare services can vary from a few hours a week to round-the-clock care.
  3. There’s no need to employ an outside caregiver if there’s family caregiver: Professional helpers can provide a much-needed source of respite care for family care providers.
  4. My cherished one can’t manage homecare! The cost of choosing a professional caregiver varies depending on where a person resides and how much care is needed, and a few seniors may be eligible for government financial assistance.
  5. Professional caregivers are abusive: There's always the danger of abuse or theft when a stranger is taking care of an old fashioned, but these are uncommon occurrences, particularly if the individual is employed by an agency.

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