Alzheimer's Care in a Nursing Home

Couple in Nursing home

In case your cherished one's Alzheimer's has progressed to the point at which they're having trouble going to the toilet, feeding, clothing or washing themselves, or should they've health problems that demand specialized medical attention, then take care of a nursing home could be an option. Nursing homecare can be divided into two broad classes: basic and proficient.

Basic care in a nursing home offers assistance with IADLs and BADLs, also ensures that an individual with Alzheimer's disease doesn't wander off. Skilled care at a nursing home deals with these tasks that demand a specially trained professional, like an assistant or an occupational therapist, to execute.

Nursing facilities also generally offer residents a variety of activities to keep them engaged with their environment.

Through the years, nursing facilities have acquired a bad reputation which leads many family care providers to say to their family members! I promise to never set you in a nursing home. While admirable, this isn't easily done when Alzheimer's disease is involved.

As your loved one's condition deteriorates, you will rapidly become overwhelmed with the quantity of care you're being asked to provide, and there might come a time when keeping your promise is no longer the best course of action, for you or for them.

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