The Best Way to Handle Criticism from Family Members

The Best Way to Handle Criticism from Family Members

It’s an unfortunate reality of caregiving that the caregiver will probably always be a potential target for critique, especially from members of the family and buddies who don’t even understand what it’s like to look following a precious one with Alzheimer’s.

If you discover yourself in this situation, there are a few strategies you can employ to deal with any sharp opinions.

  • Don’t make it personal - Attempt to avoid internalizing any insults you receive, whether they come from the person you’re caring for, another household member or a buddy. In most likelihood, the origin of their sourness has absolutely nothing to do with you.
  • Accept you couldn’t make everybody happy - It’s cliché, but particularly true! Try to please everybody and you'll end up pleasing no one. Members of the family and buddies will not always agree with your decisions regarding a loved one’s care. Whilst it’s a wise idea to take into consideration the viewpoints of others, it’s essential to learn how to trust your gut and stick by your selections.
  • Understand that critique is unavoidable - Nobody relishes receiving negative feedback; regrettably it's an inevitable consequence of assuming the caregiver role.
  • Turn your frown upside down - You’ve probably heard it before, however, research has consistently shown that a fake smile can offer mood-boosting benefits, and may help you physically unwind and mentally.
  • Don’t be a pushover - Criticism can be inevitable, but doesn’t imply you ought to tolerate abusive behavior. If a family member is hurling opinions on your direction, calmly tell them that you refuse to be treated that way and physically remove yourself from their existence.
  • Seek support - Obtaining a serious critique--particularly when it comes from a family member or close friend--might be difficult to deal with. Many of folks who find fault with your caregiving decisions probably don’t  completely understand the range of emotions and stress that weigh on a caregiver’s thoughts and heart. It’s not their fault; they’re just never been in your shoes. Among the best ways to deal with critique is to discover an outlet at which one can share your experiences and receive sincere feedback from women and men who are confronted with similar conflicts. Online groups, like a Caregiver Forum on, enable you to tap into an ever-present wellspring of encouragement, inspiration and advice from fellow care providers.

It might be difficult, particularly in the beginning, but eventually you'll develop your own procedure for coping with critique in a healthful, productive manner.

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