New California Regulations for Home Care Agencies & What They Mean To Patients

New California Regulations for Home Care Agencies & What They Mean To Patients

Starting January 1, 2016, new regulations go into effect for Home Care Organizations and Aides that are designed to protect consumers.  It’s called the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act (A.B. 1217) and it requires all Home Care Organizations to be licensed, even those who do not provide medical care.

“Currently, California requires certification of home health aides and background checks are required for In-Home Supportive Services workers.  California requires licensure of its home health agencies.  However, providers of non-skilled home care services are not as regulated.  In California, there are currently no licensing requirements for agencies or individuals providing home care aide (HCA) services, i.e. those that provide care not related to health, such as cooking, homemaking, or shopping.”  (National Association for Home Care and Hospice)

What This Means to Our Clients

Our clients can continue to depend on us to provide quality in-home care services.  We already have specially trained, certified caregivers who have gone through extensive background checks, and are working to gain our license required by California; we will be licensed in time to meet the January deadline.  You can rest assured that Meridian Home Care will meet the requirements set forth by the State to provide you the best care possible.

What This Means for Our Caregivers and Other Caregivers in California

The license required by the State of California is intricate and an involved process, not to mention a bit pricey for some home care organizations.  Unfortunately, the regulation can be too costly for the smaller home care organizations and a lot of them will likely be forced to close their doors.

However, organizations like ours, who are proactively working to be licensed ahead of the deadline, are ensuring you feel comfortable working with us and that your loved one will always have a home with us.

The transition from independence to needing a caregiver is an emotionally trying time for everyone involved.  We have the experience and resources to help with even the most challenging of situations; our nurse-owned agency and personalized care make us different.  Please feel free to call us with any questions (858) 529-1886.  We look forward to helping you and your family!

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