Understanding Long Term Health Care

Understanding Long-Term Health Care Costs

A recent survey discovered most Americans do not understand the risk of needing and the costs associated with long-term health care.  Experts esitmate that approximately 70% of Americans will need long-term care in their lifetimes but are totally unprepared when it comes to understanding the costs involved.

With the Baby Boomers coming of age more and more every day, the demand for long-term health care will only increase.  Only 1/3 of the survey respondents were confident in their ability to pay for long-term health care, and it's no wonder people are concerned:  it is estimated that the average costs of nursing home health care is at $91,250 per year.

Many did not realize private health care insurance or Medicare won't cover all the costs either.  "Medicare, the report reminds us, only pays for intermittent stays in a nursing home", and if you prefer in-home health care, Medicare costs are being cut more and more every year too.

We are not bringing this up to cause anxiety or stress, but to inform of the reality of the health care industry, and hopefully prompt you to act today to take steps to prepare yourself and your family for the costs involved.  One solution is to purchase additional long-term health care insurance to use when the time comes.  Another is to let us help you plan your next steps.

We can help evaluate your needs and explain the confusing and overwhelming amount of information to help you be confident in your choice. Let our placement specialist come to you and discuss your immediate or future plans. We are more than happy to pick up and take you to visit properties. Meridan Placement Specialists will: Explain clearly, costs and fees, move in process, and join you on your visit to communities.

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