1st Meridian Care provides excellent quality home health care! I needed in-home Physical Therapy out of the hospital after a total hip replacement and the PT, Scott, was at my home within a matter of a couple days. He helped establish a foundation for successful rehab and he guided me in the right direction on my road-to-recovery. Scott checked-in with me when I started out-patient PT with another provider. The entire team at Meridian genuinely cared about my well-being and they make me feel like we are all family! Thanks again 1st Meridian for bridging the gap for my PT needs!

Matthew Nelson

My experience with meridian home care is nothing short of wonderful. The staff is so nice and very welcoming. Ive had an amazing experience with all staff. But particularly Vanessa Diaz, Brianna, And Mike have all been so helpful. The entire staff is great. The clients are sweet and charming. And the relationships between staff and clients is so sweet to watch. Everyone is so compassionate and respectful. Its a wonderful company to be apart of!

Letty Roberts

I very happy to be part of your staff as a Care Giver. My daughter invite me. I had a previous experience with other company. The experience I have had so far with Meridian, has been real first class. I always find the help that I need, including training. People are most helpful and ready to be by my side. Even in very difficult cases. I look forward to to developing a good career with you.

Jorge Castillo

As a provider who has been with this company for almost three years I wanted to say how amazing they are. They go above and beyond for their employees and their clients. They are very personable, attentive and caring. They have met my every request with understanding and solution right at hand and I am so grateful to them for that. And the care they provide to patients is outstanding, they care about them as their own family would. I can not say enough how great they are and how lucky I am to be a part of the team. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs care or is looking to provide care.

Tina Minaeva

Super caring for both clients and caregivers. I am super grateful for having an opportunity to work with Meridian. From the coordinators to the administrators, they work so well making this a great environment for everyone at meridian. If you are looking for care, or a job position, HIGHLY recommend choosing Meridian :)

Larissa Moreno

Meridian is an amazing company to both it's clients and employees. The staff is very helpful and they have flexible hours for employees that have other things going on like school. Although there are many employees, the staff never fails to address everyone’s concern in a timely manner. They also host fun events for the holidays!

Isa Monsanto

Among the Home Care agencies that I have worked for in the past, 1st Meridian Care Services is one of the best. They often have work for their caregivers. Twelve hours shifts, eight hours shifts and short shifts, 1st Meridian has it all! The Schedulers also work with your availability.

Miss Brianna Martin Del Campo and Mr. Michael Christati have leadership skills that make it easy for them to manage their work as schedulers, even with our diverse professional background. And Mrs Mimi Moore has a selfless attitude in the work that she does as a Human Resource representative. Thank you for all your time and effort!

Helen Sunney

I love working for this company. Im at military wife,and my husband is deployed, and the coordinators are always so willing to work with me around my availability. Brianna and Vanessa are always so sweet! Great place to work for.

Brandi Thomas

Wonderful company to work with. Professional, friendly, and timely schedulers. Vanessa does a great job answering calls and always trying to work with my availability.

Martha Besong

This is an amazing and highly professional company i have worked for other homecare companies and none of them made me feel like I matter. They make sure I am comfortable with the clients I am assigned to. I have a 6 year old daughter who is a lot in and out of the hospital due to a health condition and 1st Meridian are very understanding and flexible to my schedule. The coordinators Vanessa Diaz and Mike Christati and as well Sophia Muniz they are amazing thank you guys for being so understanding and flexibile I really appreciate everything.

Miriam Hernandez

In my 17 years of being a caregiver I have worked for many agency’s but 1st Meridian is the most outstanding company I have ever had the opportunity to work for ! Not only do they have total respect for each and every one of their caregivers but they are incredible with the clients they work with . They have numerous jobs each & every day that keep all caregivers very busy ! They also offer classes to constantly keep their caregivers well educated on the care of the client they are taking care of .

Can’t say enough about 1st Meridian Care Services ! They are amazing!

Linda Ross

So excited to be employed by such an amazing team of people !!!! Best place to send your loved ones !!!

Lyndsey Dawn

Meridian is a great company to work. Vanessa Diaz is a wonderful care coordinator who provides flexible hours for the care givers.

Rahma Hussein

Our goal at Meridian Home Care is to provide our patents with friendly companionship. To care for them with compassion and respect to.

Sonya Byrd

They are a very warm personnel, everyone is friendly and helpful. Kudos to Vanessa Brianna Mimi Mike Andrea Austin Lynn and Charles they are fabulous people!!

Leah Vergara

Meridian is the best if you are a caregiver looking for employment. Vanessa Diaz is the lead care coordinater and is great at keeping the caregivers busy with work. The care coordinators on each case are all very helpful and approachable.

Jo Simon

Wonderful company to work for.... I have worked for this company for over 8+ years. Kym the owner is a fantastic employer.. I highly recommend this company for employment and for care giving for your family...

Julie Milocco

I work for meridian and they are a great company to work for the staff is kind and very helpful I highly recommend if you are interested in being a caregiver.

Erica Stingley

This is a wonderful company to work for all the staff are helpful when you need help.Just to name a few if you need the best warm hugger in town Get it from Laura and Ana and if you need help with your time sheet ask Asia and Sophia i don't want to forget anyone Lynn Vanessa, Brianna, Austin, Mike, Andrea are all wonderful coordinators so this is the place to work.

Betty Russell

I love this company. Vanessa Diaz She’s awesome. ????????

Liz D

I need to extend my appreciation to all members and staff of 1st Meridian care services for giving me opportunity to work with company for some time ... it has been great working with this schedulers eg Brianah ,Micheal Christian , Vanessa, to mention but a few it has been grate pleasure...for me as CNA to have learnt a lot from the people mentioned above .....long live 1st meridian Care services.

Front Buka

Thank goodness I found Meridian! We had some bad experiences with other companies. They have a very professional yet comforting demeanor. Wonderful caregivers!

Victoria Woody

As a caregiver, we enter peoples domain when it is one of the most difficult times of their lives. The anxiety can be at it's highest. Assisting the sick/dying with compassion & sincerity on a daily basis will come with extremes at times. As well as drain your emotions.

Meridian staff at our corporate office understands that; voices their appreciation thru "text blasts" Knowing there is ALWAYS someone there to pick up the phone is important. Whether its cheerful helpful Laura, or one of our schedulers/coordinators, they are there to help.

Sophia, Vanessa, Brianna, Charles, Lynn, Andrea Thank You!.

The ladies in paroll who work so hard figuring out time sheets & "weekly notes" Ana, Asia, & whoever else I haven't met yet. Thank you.

Our sister-company who employees C.N.A's, nurses, like Tiffany who is a true team player in every sense of the word & is doing it for all the right reasons. Thank you.

As any company grows, it goes thru growing pains. I hope any negative people understand that. We continue to hire, as our reputation has grown positively, we do our best to attract quality caregivers. We are multi-ethnic because that's who lives in our wonderful state of California. Because our standards are high is when we have had no one to cover the shift. You would not want just a warm body showing up. Please understand that. We care about your loved one too.

Sheila Sanchez