3 Approaches to Help Someone with Alzheimer’s Sleep Soundly

3 Approaches to Help  Someone with Alzheimer’s Sleep Soundly

The following are three caregiver tips to help a person with Alzheimer's sleep better. Take into consideration their environment and sleeping habits.

Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's disease can take stressful. Knowing family tensions can escalate, it is best to take into consideration these tips to reduce the chances of conflict.

  1. Stay comfy

    Individuals with Alzheimer’s therefore have a propensity to imitate and feed off of the behavior of those around them. Maintain your cool. Don’t raise your voice and don’t argue with your cherished one.
  2. Stick to a schedule

    A consistent nightly pattern could have a calming effect on someone who becomes anxious during the evening time.
  3. Provide a peaceful environment

    Draw the curtains so your cherished one can not see the shadow out. Turn up the lights, play calming music and keep them away from a great deal of action.

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